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Red Stag Trophy Hunting in the North Island of New Zealand!

Kuranui is a picturesque trophy hunting outfitter in New Zealand specialising in Red Stags from attractive Silver class 12 to 14 pointers to trophies with huge racks sporting over 50 points and record book scores.

The Location is in the North Island of New Zealand, acclaimed for its rugged lush green subtropical landscape and majestic podocarp forests. Between bushclad hills where clear streams meander the animals run freely and come out to graze the clearings and river flats. The songs of native birds' chorus as the mist rises from the trees and the roar of the stag can be heard echoing around the hills. Herds of Rusa, Fallow, Sika, Arapawa Rams and Wild Goats also live in harmony here. Each of these herds produce outstanding trophies and provides exciting wild game hunting.

Your stay is exclusive- you are our absolute priority.
Within the Kuranui game reserve Kuranui Lodge is nestled beside the Kuhatahi stream in an isolated valley. The lodge and hunting reserve are totally yours for the duration of your stay and hunt as we only have one group of friends or family at any time.

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